Sunday, July 14, 2013

My life as a blog!

There we go! We finished issue 14, and ate up our donuts. All is well with the world. In other news, my band The Caring Babies and our friends Pliable Tones just released our split album too (Side A / Side B)! As a celebration for finishing these projects, we went down to The Listen Center to find you some more cool stuff. The expedition was a success!

What we found for you...

It's a portrait of Toni done on slate! I love cats!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Issue 14 is upon us...

Well, summer is well under way, but it shan't be over anytime soon. Henceforth, I bring you issue 14: the summer issue! A bit overdue, but it's right here in our grubby little paws and we're just clutching it like miserly little minature raccoons. Anyway, I hope you can get a copy if you need one. Feel free to request one via email at:

There. That ought to be easy to select and copy for you. Now back to reposing in the donut induced state I'm's not very often that I eat donuts, you know.

Sincerely, Matt

P.S. Oh yeah, and this is our 50th blogpost. Huzzah!