Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beltway crude

In my dreams, my cellular phone indicates when a ghost is calling me. Ringing normal at first, it changes to a yellowy display when you open it and the tone changes. No recurring instance in my dreams has creeped me out that much. Although I'm not positive that it was actually in any other dream; I may have simply acquired the long term memory while I dreamt. In dreams, sometimes we take for granted the information around us without questioning where it has come from. For instance, in the land of dreams there is a guy who drive buses across rooftops. Let's take that for granted; of course there's a guy like that, and that's a good mode of transportation when you're trying to track down a werewolf and you're also one yourself. Right? Of course! In your dream state you just know these things.

M. Mazur

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