"'Oh you!' A Periodical" is a magazine. My name is Matt Mazur, and I put it together in my spare time. I work at a grocery store in Hanover, NH, and I live across the river in VT.

Is this the Pizzeria Uno where Oh You was
first conceived?
In early 2005, I started to draw and print Oh You in response to a feeling I had at a Pizzaeria Uno. I made a bunch of stuff up and wrote it on a napkin with the help of my sister. I soon had a finished zine, and I liked the whim. I want to inspire people to try zine making out for themselves; I just want more zines around.

Oh You has featured contributions by various artists. The likes of Chico Suave, Eli Osheyack, Frederick Polizzi, Raf Kelman, Eli Wood, and Ben Peberdy have all contributed multiple times to the furthering of the creation of this magazine.

In 2009, I looked at my shelves. I had several hundred copies of a record from one of the bands I had been in. They, sadly, no longer existed, but I decided to make a record issue in memory of the band and it's times. It was fun to make, we wanted to do it again. So, in early 2013 we released our second record issue with a record pressed specifically for the issue. It's my most sincere intention to make more record issues, but definitely not exclusively so.

Not long ago I said "The size of Oh You has changed much! The first issue was 5.5in by 8.5in but that size was no fun. We reprinted the issue as an 8.5in by 11in issue. That remained the standard until, in 2009, we released a 7in by 7in record issue. In 2012, we became small again. We put out our first 2.75in by 4.75in issue, and that size has been most well received." I remember when I said that, it was an interesting time.