Thursday, March 28, 2013

Movie: The Hard Reboot (by Team Malone!)

Team Malone entered the Montpelier 48 Hour Film Slam this past weekend. On Friday night, they were given the criteria for a film. It was to be created entirely within the span of 48 hours. There were 3 stipulations. The required prop: a reel of film. The required location: a local shuttered ice cream shop. The required line of dialogue: "Is this your idea of a good time?" Genres were drawn from a hat, and they drew "sports comedy" for their genre. Since the first draw may be discarded, they decided to draw again, this time drawing "sports comedy." They muttered something unintelligible before getting down to the business of making their film.
The first night began with visiting the required location. A lot of teams showed up at the Dairy Creme, and the police were called. It all turned out okay, and our license plates had their pictures taken. Next was hammering out of an idea for the script. In true Team Malone form, this quickly segued into building a robot. There were dremel tools, hard hats, baking pans, calculators, spray paint, and duct tape, all going full force, and echoing through the halls of the Econolodge. The robot was finished by 2am and the team got a bit of sleep.
The next day, everyone went out to start filming except for Matt; he was to begin work on the soundtrack. When Matt joined up later, Nick Zandstra had arrived to help. Thankfully, Nick Charyk lent his entire house to Team Malone for use as the laboratory and the fighting venue. Very gracious of you, Sir Charyk. Nick Zandstra lent his powerful announcing skills to the film. Team Malone once again owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Zandstra.
After That, Team Malone went out on the town with Ben dressed as our robot. It was a brave thing for Ben to do, seeing as the robot suit had near zero visibility. All in all, the good folks of Montpelier really took a shining to that robot. People do like to high-five robots.
The latter half of the day was spent back at Nick Charyk's house. The lab scene and fight scene still had to be filmed, and Katie still had to do the make-up for Drew as St. PetersBorg 2000. They stayed up until 4am filming there (though Matt left for several hours to write more music).
Chico edited straight through without sleeping, as is often the case. Matt got up to write the final songs. The movie turned out great, and Team Malone prevailed, taking first place among many finely crafted films. Another fine entry in the files of Team Malone!
(Clockwise from top right) Drew and Chico filming, Matt on an undated computer,  Drew as St. PetersBorg 2000, Lucas in repose, Ben as a cool robot, Chico not sleeping (photo collage by Katie!)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Welcome Blog!

Salutations! It's back to the old blogstone again. There is much to do these days, and it is good. Work has begun on the spring issue, and I expect that this will be out later this month. I've devised an appropriate recipe, and the crossword should be stellar.
Don't expect another record issue until at least fall, but we are going to start recording one. Recording is the first step, we make the artwork for the cover next. We then submit the recording and the artwork to the record company in Nashville. They make a mold, and send us a couple of records, or test pressings. We have to approve them before the printing can begin. Once this is done, they spend a few weeks printing up copies, and we have our record. Sounds simple, but it does take months to complete the process.
I've started plotting out the next batch of Cool Monsters. These are the little glow-in-the-dark guys whom I sell out of the Vend-O-Matic 2000000. I'm making 8 of each figure again, and I've gotten the white buffalo finished so far...
The Green Mountain 48 Hour Film Slam is in a few weeks, and Team Malone is poised to participate. Team Malone, for those of you who don't know, is a group of film makers, many of whom are contributors to Oh You. They enjoy cereal, movies, and staying out late eating cereal and making movies.
That's all the news for now, but I imagine that I'll write again soon. Cheers to all you readers out there, you make all the typing worth while. Though, I must admit, I kind of like the clicking sound too.

Something I found for you!
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