Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Secret art project!

Here's what I've been working on in secrecy for the last week or so. My wife and I have bought a toy pod vending machine called The Vend-O-Matic 2,000,000. Here is one of the things we're going to sell out of it!
Cool Monsters!

Close up!

The Vend-O-Matic 2,000,000!

 (Also, we're going to sell tiny magazines in it later!)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The arduous ninny rides at night!

Well friends, another Bradford, VT 48 Hour Film Slam has come and gone. We had some laughs and we had some epiphanies, but mostly we had lasagna! Our movie was entitled "The Bristlemen" and people liked it just fine, thank you very much!

This is the video in question.

I am currently working on a new art project. Stay tuned, I will unveil it later this very week! Also, production on the record issue continues, we have yet to receive the final product in the mail, but we expect to soon...! -Marty
It's grapeseed oil! The oil what likes it hot!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Keep on bloggin' in the free world!

Okay, so we are going to have a record issue. I just got the test pressings last week, and they sound great! The artist will be The Caring Babies, which is good, because we won't have to worry about copyright release forms or anything! ANYTHING!

The test pressing in question.
Anyway, in other news, Team Malone is planning to do another short for the 48 hour film slam in Bradford,VT this coming weekend. I will be staying up late eating cereal and writing music on my keyboards no doubt. It's always a good time. Anyway, agility to you all on this crazy bike path of life.

Something I found for you!
It's Brallo the cat!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


  All right, settle down you two! A lot has happened since we last left off.
First important thing. I, Matt Mazur, fell in love and got married to Rebecca Weber! Now, we are adventuring! huzzah! In my estimation, this change will only hasten the output of our magazine, as I have already done more work this year than any other calender year.

Rebecca and I at the Valley Flower Company. Thank you to Morgan  for this photograph. We are cute!

  Second important thing, I have sent a record of classic tunes to be pressed! I just received word today that the test pressings are in the mail! You can expect to get another update on Wednesday, when I will reveal that I intend to release another record issue! Oops...
Love, Matt

And something I found for you...

A matching set of gummy bears who are attached!