Monday, February 20, 2012

Great British Muffins!

Amazing! I had a nice dream last night. Hanging out with Chris and Sehan, we decided to got to Ramunto's to get some pizza. The entryway was long and winding. They had set up a series of magnifying mirrors so that you could see the pizza even if you were around the corner, waiting in line. Afterwards, I went walking in a residential area, I saw my friends Scott and Chico. I went up to try and surprise them; just then, a large red balloon descended from the sky. I was surprised "Maybe there's a message in this balloon." I thought to myself. I carefully deflated the balloon. When I stretched out the rubbery vessel, a small scroll dropped from it. I quickly unraveled it to find that it was a collection of comics, drawn on construction paper, taped together with scotch tape. The art was beautiful, the clouds were drawn quite well, I remember. There was also a Troll themed comic. I awoke before I got to read them. Now I need more coffee.

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