Friday, February 8, 2013

Issue 13 just got a little more completely finished!

I finished the new Oh You just in time for a dreadful storm to envelope New England! Why a new issue so soon? Well, you see we had these glow-in-the-dark records made, and it seemed a shame not to make some comics to go with them. We went ahead and did it. For this issue, Mister Hope drew up a Caring Babies coloring booklet! Ben Peberdy contributed a beautiful comic strip that is sure to boggle minds! Fred Polizzi gave a magnificent flourish that couldn't be contained in a single page! And Rebecca Weber lent us a bit of her literary prowess with smashing results! We ate doughnuts straight away when we finished this issue (we kind of forgot to with the last issue.) We will experiment with printing techniques, as the 7" booklet has a color cover. Expect variations as we print out more copies. Many thanks to all the supporters of self published comics and records, you are kind!
Glow, you magnificent record!
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  1. Maybe we should eat donuts a second time, to make up for the oversight on Issue 12.

  2. I realized that when I read these, it's your voice in my head.


  3. You guys have showered me with kindness in this comment thread!