Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Issue 15 is out and about!

There we have it, issue 15 is done! I forgot to make a blogpost for it, but then I remembered finally. You can find our latest work at The Valley Flower Company and at Revolution Vintage, both in fabulous White River Junction, VT. You can also peruse it on our Facebook page.
This issue took much longer than the previous 4. I've had to develop some new work habits to get through the brick wall I had run up against, and hopefully they will help in the future. It wasn't that I wasn't creating things, but putting the finishing touches on everything was destroying me. That last 10%, right? Anyway, that's always been the battle; how can I put out more magazines in less time?
September 12th-14th is the Bradford Film Slam, and you can bet that TEAM MALONE! will be there with gold lamé on. Expect to see a post of our latest film, or come on down to Bradford on the 14th. Getting your tickets in advance is advised, and I will try to provide a link for that as the date draws nearer. Ta ta for now, and thanks for everything!

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