Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cohase 48 Hour Film Slam 2014!

This past month, we attended a 48 hour film slam. On a Friday evening, all teams were given the same line of dialogue, prop, and location to be included in their films. And each team drew a genre from a hat. They were then instructed to write, shoot, and edit a maximum 7 minute film that incorporated all of these elements in 48 hours.
Film slams are always at least mildly grueling, but that really makes the showing of the finished films so much more rewarding. The feeling of camaraderie that has developed between the teams over the past 5 years is one of the best parts of the whole event. We're a community working together, even though we're essentially in competition. Because, when it comes down to it, no one knows as well as a fellow filmmaker how much it takes to make a completed film in 48 flipping hours.
Operating at 2/3rds capacity, TEAM MALONE! put forth a tour de france, or a coup de grace, or perhaps just a certain je ne sais quoi. Needless to say, it was anything but laisse faire. TEAM MALONE! adhered to their genre of "foreign film with subtitles" with all of their collected might. Matt, who once studied French in an esteemed grade school, was able to tap into his multilingual knowledge base with the help of Katie (who had google translate.)  Drew Peberdy and Nick Zandstra gave towering side-by-side performances as Chercheur and L'Operateur. Katie's stunt driver experience came in handy during the prodiction, yielding dramatic results. The stark vision of this film came to life with Chico Eastridge's directing, lighting and cinematography. Summoning superhuman strength, and fueled by cereal, Chico was once again able to complete the editing in the nick of time.
But TEAM MALONE!'s story is only one of many. The following entries are the only ones I could find posted online. Each and every one is worth watching, and the entries from Full House productions, Blue Moon productions, and Team Walrus Dice are worth finding. Please let me know if you run across them out there in the cyber ether.

Journiuxuul Zup Amerikaskiski Cinemaaaski by Now Shooting
Love in the Time of Smart Phones by E & E Productions
Time Buzzer by Fairy House Productions
The Waltz by Fondue Pneumonia Party

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