Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hoppy time hologram!

Hello again! It is time for another installment of Oh You, the blog! When we last left our viewers last, "TEAM MALONE!" was about to embark on a 48 hour adventure. Their singular mission, to create a short film. All, writing, editing, acting, shooting, and music would have to be done in that short period of time. All would be done in the name of the 48 hour film slam, so thathey might win the prize! 
Pictured here, Team MALONE!

Their mission has drawn to a close. From the smoldering crater, was another diamond retrieved? We may not know yet, but you can be the judge. Simply look up CATV8/10 on Facebook. There you will be able to view all the entries, you will also be able to vote for your favorites and determine the victors. Here is the entry of Team MALONE!
Team MALONE! "Deadly Games of Revenge" from CATV 8/10 on Vimeo.

We simply must thank you for your time and support. I hope you enjoy this viewing, and I will let you know how things pan out for "Team MALONE!"
Pumpkin update!
The pumpkins look like they are weathering the spring!

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